Street and Sidewalk Projects

Periodically the City of Watauga will undertake street overlay projects. These projects are designed to maintain, repair, and improve our roads and streets. Citizens may choose to sign up to be notified of any major planned road closures due to scheduled repair. 

Citizens may also choose to report any sidewalk or street damage, including potholes by completing the Report a Pothole form.

┬╝ Cent Sales Tax Street Maintenance for 2015-2016 includes Bernadine St and Summit Ridge.

Bernadine St

Reliable Paving has completed the 2000 linear feet of Curb and Gutter repair.  Watauga Street department is currently replacing the failed subgrade with concrete subbase. Crews will also create temporary repairs in areas that the concrete trucks have made rough, these areas will ultimately be repaired with concrete subbase as well. There are sidewalk repairs and replacements being made at various locations.

Summit Ridge

Reliable Paving is currently replacing 1073 linear feet of curb and gutter for proper drainage. Subgrade repairs will be completed by Watauga Street Department, following the completion of curb and gutter repair.  There are sidewalk repairs and replacements being made at various locations.

Final paving

Watauga is working on the bid package for final paving of Bernadine St and Summit Ridge, in September 2016. Following completion of the subgrade repairs for both, Bernadine St., and Summit Ridge Dr, contractors will then mill the surface creating a smooth subgrade for the final paving, resulting in a brand new, smooth, blacktop roadway.